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Flower Bulb

Our Story

Swan Seed Co. is a seed and bulb farm with a mission to equip young adults with the skills, abilities, and capacities to succeed in life and work. We are a an enterprise of Swan Vocational Enterprises. 


Skill building is at the heart of what we do.

Employees will learn about plant identification, planting plans, fertilization, managing water usage, as well as marketing and sales. They will also learn note taking for future planting plans and learn industry terms such as tender annuals, hardy annuals, seeds, corms, bulbs, and tubers. They'll also become proficient at using different types of equipment including rototillers, potato forks, spray backpacks, and soil blocking kits.

We prepare the next generation for work in the community.

Swan Seed Co. was created in hopes of being a training grounds and a feeder program into our rich agricultural economy. We hope to use this as a platform to connect young adults in the community to other agribusinesses in our area.

We look forward to the future.

In the early years Swan See Co. will build inventory as a working flower farm. During the cut flower farming years (2023-2024) we will provide wholesale blooms to local florists, offer market bouquets at local farm stands, and have on-site events to offset operating costs.

Our Team

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Tollie Nail
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Nelson Frank
Weekend Market
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